Friendship Group Visit Form

Please use this form to advise TL State Administration about your Friendship Group visit to Timor-Leste.

The Ministry of State Administration would like you to advise them of your visit and activities so they stay up to date and fully informed. Sr Germano Santa Brites Dias is the nominated liaison person in Dili. Please give Germano a copy of the form below (handwritten or typed) before visiting your friendship area.
However, if you are not able to visit State Administration before heading out of Dili, please email a copy of the form before leaving Australia to Sr Germano Santa Brites Dias

Visits Form - Word

Download the MS Word (docx) version


Download the PDF version

Download the Friendship Group Visiting form as a PDF or MS Word file. Open the file and enter your information directly on the form in the respective fields and save the changes before printing or attaching to an email.

Click here to advise Communications Manager, Mark Rohde, if you experience any problems with either of these files.

“Bug” Reports to date (5/5/2015)
    • The PDF file has been tested and so far seems to be OK.
  • A problem has been experienced with the Word file where entering text doesn’t work after clicking any of the “state” check boxes.
    If this happens to you…

      1. Save the Word file and close it.
      1. Reopen the file.
      1. All your previous changes should have been saved, and you should now be able to resume entering text in the text fields.
    1. ALWAYS save your file before attaching to an email to avoid accidentally sending a version before your last change/edit.