Canberra Friends of Dili

Canberra Friends of Dili (CFD) encourage mutual educational, cultural and business connections between the capitals of Australia and Timor-Leste; and promote the Canberra Dili friendship city relationship.

The aim of CFD is to promote awareness of the rich and varied culture of Timor-Leste while assisting it to continue developing as a newly independent nation. The following initiatives are examples of work undertaken:

Educational partnerships

  • Establishing the Friendship School Project Council Canberra. Through this initiative, five ACT schools provide opportunities and resources for students to learn about their counterpart schools in Dili, and to contribute to the educational work of The Alola Foundation FSP Dili.
  • Fostering one-to-one relationships between schools in the ACT and Dili, to promote the teaching of English as a second language and programs for youth development.
  • Supporting Timor-Leste students studying in Canberra, through educational partnerships between the Institutes of Technology in Canberra and Dili.

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