Victorian Facilitator of AusTimorFN

Lorraine with colleagues Alexandrina (Freelance Journalist, in red) and Candida (Coordinator Media Regional House) – Baucau. “Sharing the message throughout Timor-Leste.”

Hello Friends of Timor-Leste

I am currently the Victorian Facilitator of AusTimorFN, having been the Timor-Leste Facilitator of the Network from inception to June 2014.

My name is Lorraine and I live in Baucau. In 2004, I was contracted through the Australian Aid program and AVI to represent the Friends of Baucau (Darebin/Yarra) to work with the District Administrator, Sub DA and community, to develop a community centre in Baucau.

The work and privileged experience I have had since then has led me to network with some wonderful Timorese people, make some incredible friends, participate and develop many Community Development projects.

I was part of the Facilitation team that implemented the successful Friendship Conference in Maubisse in August, 2010. More recently, I supported an Indigenous Mobile Program from Swinburne University, Melbourne who met with Timorese people to share culture, learning, community development and governance.

As you can see I am passionate and committed to community development and networks which allow for contribution to the new “struggle” for the people in Timor-Leste.  My energy and spirit is supported by living in the beautiful seaside city Baucau, in a home that links to a great family, amazing garden and view.  This inspiring environment enables me to continue my pathway in Timor-Leste.

Warm wishes


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