If you are planning to sponsor Timorese from your Friendship area to attend the July Conference in Melbourne “Working Together with Timor-Leste: The Next 10 years” then the following information may assist you in the process.


In summary they (or you) will need to submit the following to the Australian Embassy in Dili:
  1. Visa Application Form 1415
  2. Letter from Sponsoring Friendship Group – providing details of the Timorese who are being sponsored to attend the Conference (give details and website address); stating they will have all costs covered by the Friendship Group; have travel insurance and the dates of their travel. (If you require a copy of an example sponsorship letter please emailNational@austimorfn.com)
  3. Passport of Timorese
  4. One passport-sized photo of the Timorese person
  5. Employment confirmation – a letter from the Timorese person’s Employer confirming their employment (this is not compulsory, but provides the Embassy with an indication they are not a flight risk). Sra. Margarida dos Santos can provide employment letters for DA’s and Sub-DA’s –mloubsanct@gmail.com
  6. Application Fee US$130
  7. Form 956A (Only required if someone is lodging the Visa Application on behalf of a Timorese person)
Timorese attending a conference need to apply for a Visitor’s Visa – Business Stream. The Cost is $130 and Visa Form No: 1415 can be obtained online to type up and print out at


The Australian Embassy in Dili is located at Rua Martires da Patria, Dili
Forms can be lodged in the morning from 08.30 – 12.00 Monday to Friday
Telephone: +670 332 2111


If the Timorese will find it difficult to travel to Dili to lodge their visa applications then you can if they complete and lodge the Visa application form (with their Passport) apply on their behalf, provided they have signed a Form 956A.
(Type in 956A in top right corner search bar)


Normally Business Visas are processed within one week, but it is always prudent to get this done earlier than later.


PLEASE NOTE: This is ATLFN’s understanding of the current process after discussions with Dili Embassy staff, but processes change from time to time and may vary slightly based on the individual applicant.


The department’s website contains application forms and general information about Australian visas: www.immi.gov.au