Planning a Visit to Timor-Leste?

Don’t forget to download the Friendship Group Visiting form here.
Friendship Group Liaison’s contact details in Dili can be found here.



The Victorian Local Governance Association has invited Friendship Groups to attend a forum on “Where to next?” to establish the terms of reference and the future direction of its relationship with Friendship Groups. The VLGA is keen to canvas ideas on how it can continue to be involved with the Friendship Groups, especially in light of the Victorian State Government’s active engagement with the Timor-Leste Government (including the role of the Local Government Victoria). However, the VLGA no longer has the capacity to provide organisational support.

WHEN: Saturday 30th May, 2pm to 4pm
WHERE: VLGA meeting room, 60 Leicester Street, CARLTON VIC

Map of Victorian Local Governance Association